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Show stopping events

Carmella has a successful and experienced event team that manages world class sporting and destination events. We have extensive experience working with Canadian National Parks and Provincial Parks through the planning, permitting and implementation phases. We have experience with various stakeholder groups such as destination marketing organizations, emergency response services, town and city personal and planning departments and can help you navigate the waters to create and launch your event.

Event Marketing

Our speciality! Are you getting the word out about your event? Do you want to increase the attendance or awareness to your killer event? Does the media desire to attend?

Our unique formula will allow your event to transcend the competition and receive the press, media and sponsor recognition you desire. Concentrating on two very different style of events, Carmella can help you launch a world leading sport and technology event, or provide you with the needed expertise for professional events with an entrepreneurial twist that will leave your guests talking for days afterward.

Professional and Networking Event Management

Just the right mix of inspiring keynote speakers, handpicked feature presenters and industry insiders are poised to provide insight into current and trending business topics that leave your attendees talking about your event for days. Carmella has a proven track record for making sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted while juggling several priorities at once.

Fundraising Support (Non-Profit Organizations)

We provide both event management and event strategies for Non-profit organizations. We provide assistance in sponsorship, community partnerships, and taking your event into the digital space. Online bidding, online ticket sales, promotion and marketing plans all are best maximised in the digital space. We have grown up in the cloud and can help simplify the process for you. Your project is unique and requires tailoring, contact us and tell us all about it!