Social engagement mastery.

We are a social engagement powerhouse. We can help your business tell its story through social media and digital marketing. Our passion for media and event management wins our clients awards. We’re privileged to work with some of the best companies and biggest events in Western Canada. Carmella’s established reputation: Innovating every project.

Content Strategy for Social Media

Our in-house content creation team crafts meaningful content and strong branding personality throughout your social media channels. Your content will be creative, accurately reflecting your brand persona, engaging your target market, expanding your brand’s reach, and beginning a sales pipeline.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & SEO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy will allow you to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO). Website visits do not necessarily equate conversions. SEO drives traffic to the site, which you need, but conversion optimization is what you need to increase click-through rates and sales.

Social Media Storytelling

Your business has a story to tell and social media channels are the perfect place to tell it. Our unique formula allows your business to position your brand in front of more of your target market. A regularly engaged audience become buyers and loyal brand ambassadors, spreading your story for you. Why leave out such an opportunity?

Social Media Seminars and Private Coaching

Our certified award-winning social media coach is a trained mentor and leader for professionals who will engage and educate your team. We create clear and persuasive corporate communications: copy, media relations, messaging, content marketing, speaking and presenting.

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"Steff is my go-to person when I am seeking advice on media, marketing, contacts, event advice and anything youth orientated. I once heard a business owner say when she walked into his business. 'I knew I was going to be buying something, I just didn't know what yet.'"

"When events produce stressful situations, Stephanie is even-keeled and strong under pressure – all while maintaining her naturally pleasant disposition."

"She’s a polished public speaker with outstanding communication techniques that make her work seem effortless. She respects and understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face and finds effective solutions to assist us during this time of growth. Our CoWorking community enjoys the enthusiastic, noticeably motivated and positive nature that she brings to our space, and I count her as an integral member of our team."


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