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We are a social media storytelling powerhouse and digital marketing experts. Carmella’s passion for all things marketing shows through our client work, which ladders up to distinct business goals and wins our clients awards. We are privileged to work with some of the best companies and biggest events in Western Canada. Carmella Consulting’s established reputation: Innovation at every turn.

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Leads, Sales & SEO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy will allow you to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO). Website visits do not necessarily equate conversions. SEO drives traffic to the site, which you need, but conversion optimization is what you need to increase click-through rates and sales.

Marketing Strategy

Developing a bulletproof marketing strategy is vital for any business. Our team will discover the right marketing strategy to fuel your growth, leverage a profitable niche for your business, define your target demographic and deliver your USP in a way that will have leads pouring into your sales funnel like you left the tap on.

Social Media Storytelling

Your business has a story to tell and social media channels are the perfect place to tell it. Our unique formula allows your business to position your brand in front of more of your target market. A regularly engaged audience become buyers and loyal brand ambassadors, spreading your story for you. Why leave out such an opportunity?

Web Design & Development

Your business website is the hub that hosts all of your offerings and showcases your potential to your consumers and competitors. Our integrated design and development team will work with you to find, design and build the best solution to springboard your business in front of your competitors.

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"If I could choose a few words to describe Carmella it would be: On Trend, Passionate, Professional, Tactical and Creative. If you're looking for a Social Media Agency that can cater to all of your needs, there really is no need to look anywhere else."


"Steff and her team are incredible. If you are looking for a team of professionals adept at all the ins and outs of today's social media landscape, look no further. From a detailed assessment and building a strategy for our business' social media, to sourcing influencers or producing digital content for us, every single angle is covered. Of course, the biggest measurement for a business is ROI and we are very satisfied with our results. Highly recommend!"


"Stephanie put together such an amazingly comprehensive plan for our social media, and then added so much more depth to what we would be able to accomplish. What a thoughtful, focused, professional and just plain awesome group of people. Top Notch!!"

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