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July 28, 2020

The Power of Pinterest for your Business

Are you missing out on the power of Pinterest? With the right marketing strategy, Pinterest is a super-powerful tool for your business. According to Pinterest, the platform reaches 77% of…
Pinterest for Business
July 28, 2020

Pinterest for Business Strategy: Increase Website Clicks and Leads For Your Business

Have you been hearing people talk about Pinterest for business and are wondering if it’s a trend that you should be hopping on? Pinterest is an escape for people to…
Marketing Strategy Poll Results Digital Marketing
June 22, 2020

Carmella’s Ultimate Guide to COVID-19 Marketing Strategies

Carmella's Response to a Pandemic Sized Marketing Opportunity The problem; losing clients during a pandemic and global recession. The solution; pivot and implement key marketing strategies.    During the pandemic,…
Digital Marketing
June 9, 2020

Why Blog? The Benefits of Business Blogging

Business blogging, as defined by Hubspot Website Traffic & SEO = SALES Blogging is perhaps the number one way to increase your website traffic without spending money, thus increasing your…
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May 22, 2020

Are You Overlooking YouTube for Your Business?

It’s no secret that it’s been getting harder and harder to stand out amongst other businesses on Facebook and Instagram. And as big and impactful as these platforms have been…
Digital MarketingeCommerce
May 12, 2020

Our Top Picks for Building an eCommerce Website

Today, online shopping has reached an all time high as shoppers around the world are prioritizing convenience, distance, and customization over in-person brick-and-mortar customer service.  It is true; the right…
e-commerce marketing Creating Social Media ContentDigital MarketingSocial Media Campaign Ideas
May 1, 2020

7 Best E-Commerce Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Online Sales

The e-commerce industry is a thriving one with thousands of searching relating to the online business every month. But what lacks is the information on how to make a successful…
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April 23, 2020

Survive the Pandemic With Discounts

Coupon Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses It’s no secret that small businesses are suffering right now; so how does a business surivive the pandemic? The coronavirus pandemic has decimated what…
Digital Marketing Certifications Digital MarketingSocial Media Resources for Business
April 15, 2020

Digital Marketing Certifications: Must- Have Awards to Showcase your Credibility and Skillset

In the world of digital marketing, the learning process never ends & competition is only heating up, so if you want to compete (and stand-out) in this game you’ll want…

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