Keep Your Holiday Marketing Relevant this Season

relevant holiday marketing

The snow season has come, along with mitts and toques. It has also brought with it the start of the cheer and campaigns of the impending holiday season. Decorations already bright on neighbourhood houses, and we’re able to look down main street filled with lights here in Canmore. If one thing is clear, it’s that Christmas, and all the other holidays of the season, are upon us. 

The question is, as marketers, how is the best way to take part in this winter holiday season? 

relevant holiday marketing


When preparing for the holiday season, step one is to make a plan. As it approaches, make sure that you have the tools you need to succeed such as FAQs, landing pages, customer support chatbots, marketing emails, and of course, a (kickass) website. When planning out your holiday campaign content, use the questions below to ensure that your content stays timely, relevant, memorable, and valuable to your audience. 


Find your festive niche. Christmas might not be the one, but maybe Black Friday or New Years fit better. There’s no need to focus on every holiday out there, so identify which holidays and events will most suit your product/brand, as well as your audience, and stick with them. 


When creating holiday campaign content, you need to know what your audience wants from you. First, you must know your target audience, but moreover, you must provide value to that target audience. 

The three most common draws are: 

  • An experience (event)
  • A feeling (nostalgia, home, gratitude, inspiration, motivation, want)
  • An idea (gift suggestions)

Ensure you know how these draws relate to your target audience, and that all of your content applies to at least one of these three points. 

relevant holiday marketing


The easiest answer is: whichever platform is most accessible to them. 

However, accessibility can vary. If it’s someone of a younger generation, you can find them plugged into a cellphone and they are the most likely to be comfortable on social media platforms. If it is someone older, they may be more likely to lean towards making a purchase through a laptop or tablet and will find your product on Pinterest, Google, or your website. 

The path to buying is changing, and it’s important to identify how. Figure out where your\ audience is and optimize your content accordingly. 


Each holiday has different rules. No one wants to see Valentine’s Day marketing during the summer, right? Right! Notably, the longest marketing season you will find occurs at the end of the year. Holidays and events like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years all fall in a very tight timeline.

Christmas, being the most popular holiday, has the biggest window for a campaign, with almost two months of available time. Depending on your industry, starting this marketing campaign any earlier than Halloween can leave some consumers a bit disgruntled. Know where you fit in, and plan around that space.

Usually, a base campaign timeline is three to four weeks before any other holiday. Also, be aware of the other holidays that happen during that time, and know if your audience would find it relevant to acknowledge or incorporate those into your campaign too.  

DON’T FORGET – The True Meaning of the Holiday Season

It’s important to remember the true meaning of each holiday that you participate in. Though there are a few outliers, such as spooky Halloween season, many holidays keep to the value of love, family, gratitude, and giving. Also a lot of chocolate. 

Remember these values as you release your campaigns and play into the ingrained-consumerism. The most impactful campaigns to come out of each season hold true to these values, which is truly the best marketing strategy there is. 

Overall, know your audience, create a plan, and no matter where you’re reading this, have a wonderful holiday season. 

If you’re looking for some help creating a holiday campaign, the Carmella Crew is here to help. Reach out today!

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