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How to Use Branding to Grow Your Business

By September 1, 2020Digital Marketing
Branding Digital Marketing

Not so long ago, many business owners believed that if you offered a quality product or service, it would sell no matter what. But as more and more businesses crowd the already crowded market, it’s clear that customers want more than just great products – they want a great brand experience. 

In this guide, we’ll look at how to create a solid brand identity and how you can use this to stand out from the crowd and grow your business. 



Why is branding important?

Here are the four main reasons why creating a solid brand is vital to the success of your business:

1. Branding promotes recognition

It’s five times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain a loyal one. And customers are loyal to brands they recognize. A solid brand helps to boost recognition and keep your business front of mind when it comes time to purchase. 

2. Stand out in a crowded market

Gone are the days of competing on a local scale. Now that companies are selling on social, you’re competing on a global level. One of the main ways you can stand out from the increasingly crowded market is a solid brand identity that customers relate to. 

3. Motivate staff

A clear brand strategy is something that staff can get behind. Clarity of brand message will motivate your staff and help them become champions of your brand. 

4. Generate referrals

If people love your brand, they will tell others about it. And since referrals generate up to five times higher margins, this is a key marketing strategy to invest in by creating a solid brand people will remember when it comes time to give a recommendation. 


Tips for branding your business

Branding is much more than having a beautiful logo designed. It’s a process of defining your company’s mission and making what you stand for clear to the world. Here’s the process of creating a consistent brand:


Branding Digital Marketing


Start by defining your brand

Before you begin picking out brand colours and fonts, start by defining your brand in words by answering the following questions:

  • What’s your business’ goal or mission?
  • What benefits do your products or services offer customers? 
  • What problems do you solve for customers?
  • What three qualities do you want to be associated with your business?

All of your answers should be based around your target customer. There’s no point in having a brand that appeals to tweens if your product is aimed at pensioners. 

Spend some time researching the market. Which brands are out there that are already doing well in your space? What could you do to improve on what they are already doing? What about their branding stands out?

Once you’ve done your research and you’ve nailed down the definition of your brand, you can move on to the visuals of branding:

Design a memorable logo

Find a graphic designer that fits your brand’s potential aesthetic and get a simple, memorable logo created. Use no more than three primary brand colours to keep it clean. 

Create your brand messaging

What are the key messages you want your brand to communicate? What are your values? Write these down in the most simple format and ensure everyone working for you is familiar with the message. 

This might also include brand language and style to ensure that everyone speaking on behalf of your brand is using a consistent style. 


Branding Digital Marketing


Create branded templates

It’s important to keep your branding consistent throughout your social channels, website, in-person events, etc.

The easiest way to do this is with brand templates that can be used when creating promotional or social materials. For example, social media graphics, business card templates for employees, promotional brochures, welcome packs, etc. 

Develop a tagline

This isn’t mandatory, but if it fits with your branding and messaging, you might decide to create a tagline. This is another easy way to keep your business memorable for customers. 

Keep it consistent 

Customers appreciate consistency. Even though using the same colors and styles constantly might seem boring to you, customers are going to become more and more familiar with your brand the more consistent you are. 

How can a strong brand help with selling in the age of social

It will come as no surprise that 90% of top salespeople use social channels as sales tools. These platforms are the easiest way to connect with customers and establish your brand in your niche.

But how exactly does having a strong brand help with selling in the social age?

Keeps your business relevant

When it comes to social media, brand loyalty is quickly diminishing. Customers are less likely to remain loyal to businesses they’ve bought from in the past, and more likely to shop with brands that are front of mind. 

If you have a solid brand that is consistent throughout your social channels, you are more likely to remain front of mind with customers, helping to secure sales. 

Helps your business remain memorable

Online platforms are saturated with brands all selling incredibly similar products. If you have a solid brand, customers are much more likely to remember your business and search for it when they need it. 

No matter how amazing your products are, if your brand isn’t memorable, customers aren’t going to spend hours trolling through their browser history trying to find you.

Establishes your business as trustworthy

Another downfall of the social age is the market being flooded with poor quality products. There are thousands of brands selling sub-par products, undercutting profit margins, and creating mistrust with customers. 

The beauty of solid branding is that your business stands out as a trustworthy entity. And customers are willing to spend more on brands that are seen as more trustworthy, which is another bonus in a crowded market. 

Allows for organic marketing

With platforms like Instagram and TikTok allowing people to share every aspect of their lives, brands are becoming more and more reliant on organic marketing from consumers. Customers love sharing their experiences with products online and having a strong, memorable brand is going to make customers all the more likely to share it with the world. 

Need Help Growing Your Brand?

Are Carmella Consulting, we are experts in brand development. If you’re struggling to create a consistent brand that connects with your customers, we can help you develop your branding guidelines, style guide, persona, and voice so you can connect with customers and make more sales with ease. Get in touch today for a free consultation. 

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