Survive the Pandemic With Discounts

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Coupon Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

It’s no secret that small businesses are suffering right now; so how does a business surivive the pandemic? The coronavirus pandemic has decimated what once was a thriving culture of small businesses around the world and according to recent studies, is cutting into the sales of more than half of small businesses surveyed. 

From corner coffee shops to local pet stores, small business owners everywhere are being forced to shut their doors to loyal customers –– safety must come first, after all. And while it already seems like we’ve been social distancing for an eternity, Canadian officials say it could still be “weeks” before Canada can begin “seriously consider loosening the restrictions.”

However, just because your brick-and-mortar doors are closed doesn’t mean you can’t succeed as a small business. In fact, there’s no better time to experiment with new marketing strategies –– after all, these are unprecedented days we’re living in. Many restaurants and other businesses have begun promoting gift cards that never expire to keep sales up and customers engaged. 

To help you pull that off for your own small business, check out the handy infographic below from Coupon Chief. They put together some great coupon marketing strategies businesses of all kinds can use to promote gift card sales and other online purchases.

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