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What the latest Facebook Announcement means to Business

By January 15, 2018July 14th, 2019Facebook Resources
Facebook Announcement
Thursday afternoon, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a lengthy status announcing what he called a “major change” coming to our News Feeds:

“The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups. As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.” 

Shortly after the post went live, social media exploded with marketers, brands, news publishers and more, wondering what this latest algorithmic update would do to their reach, engagement and bottom line (sales). Facebook shares dropped nearly 4%, costing Zuckerberg nearly $3 billion. So what does the latest Facebook Announcement mean to businesses? 

Let’s look at how this affects the business owner.

The importance of storytelling and adding value to your intended audience is now more important than ever. Your followers don’t come to Facebook to be served boring, bland posts – they want to see the story behind your business. Businesses posting content with low engagement will see even lower organic reach. 

What types of content should you post?

As a business owner you need to focus on creating content for your intended audience that sparks conversation. The user experience of social media needs to be considered foremost. “While FB’s aim is to prioritize content shared by friends and family, we’re going to start seeing business owners, employees and stakeholders sharing a whack of business-related stuff again, which will be interesting to watch unfold”, Press and Post indicated. 
Repetitive monotonous content will switch off your audience. To remain relevant to your intended audience you need to create a variety of content: 

Facebook Announcement

  • Create Facebook live video

  • Showcase raw footage

  • Record unscripted interviews

  • Give the viewer a behind the scenes look

  • Testimonials

  • Use video whenever possible 

  • Use Events and Groups

  • Encourage your staff and customers to get in the habit of sharing content to their personal pages


Create Events and Groups 

Posts created in Events and Groups, as well as Events themselves appeal to both the independent Facebook user and the business; this is content that will continue to perform. 

Engagement: Respond to comments

The Facebook Algorithm is smart. As basic as this might sound, when someone responds to a post on your page, respond back. When page comments go unread and unanswered, Facebook sees this as a sign that a page might just be broadcasting content and not creating conversations. When you reply to the comments on your page you are boosting engagement. Facebook will see this as a post which is generating discussion and engagement, and indicates to Facebook it needs to show you post to more people. Business pages have a badge showing how responsive they are to messages – another indicator that the business has a live human behind it. 

Facebook Announcement

Have a paid strategy for ads and boosts

 In addition to having your content roadmap and editorial calendar created and plump with content, businesses also need to consider what type of content will perform as ads. Advertising is a huge revenue source for Facebook and Instagram and that won’t be going anywhere soon. The businesses which produce great organic content, stay relevant to their audiences and amplify their content with paid advertising; Facebook Messenger ads, custom audiences, pixel traffic boosts, ad targeting based on post engagement, will continue to be strong. 

This change will likely drive up ad prices and push companies to consider other advertising vehicles on Facebook beyond the news feed, some ad buyers say. 
“It’s just an amplification of pay-to-play from Facebook,” said James Douglas, head of media at Reprise, a digital agency owned by Interpublic Group via Wallstreet journal. 

Try it yourself! 

Test some of the new Facebook and Instagram ads and post boosting techniques to see which works best for your business. Some of the new features are under-utilized in local advertising efforts like Facebook messenger, retargeting, pixel ads to drive website traffic. Create content to keep people on Facebook and use ads when driving website traffic.  

The shift towards “meaningful interactions” on surfacing organic content in the news feed is a good one, and gives business owners a firm reminder of the importance to be human. Use social media storytelling to build real and authentic connections with your customers, prospects, and community, and show up in organic newsfeeds. 


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