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Alignable is the ultimate business directory

Alignable prides itself on being the small business network. It’s designed to be a referral network, which is why they consider themselves a social network for local business owners and have designed the platform to help generate referrals. You can generate interest in your business (locally) by creating an event or promotion. Alignable has a step-up over LinkedIn due to its hyper-local focus. 

Carmella Consulting how alignable works

Every business owner is short on time and no one has time for more social media networks. If you’re new to Alignable, set up a profile and be ready for an influx of connection requests from other users in your geography [Click here for our original Alignable blog post that talks about this]. Alignable creates auto replies and a way to connect with other businesses. The auto-replies are simple to use, but make sure you customize them. It is a horrible thing to receive an auto-reply, do not be the culprit. 

Carmella Consulting how alignable works



Carmella Consulting how alignable works


How to use Alignable (advanced)


Create a referral flyer.

The referral flyer will auto-populate with companies you have given referrals to and you can then share this over social media or embed on your website. The one-pager carries a lot of weight when it comes to showcasing which businesses you support and collaborate with. 

Forum participation

Participating in the Ask and Learn forum allows you to poll potential customers and discover insights into a topic that you might not typically be able to access a significant data set. 

Set up Instant Group Business Messaging

You can now chat in realtime with all your business contacts. You can add up to 20 people whether or not they are Alignable Users. Create a group by entering their names or email addresses. Simply write a message and click send. This is a useful tool to launch a business in a new market or stay in front of potential consumers. 
You’ll be surprised at the results. 


Refer your favourite businesses. It’s like getting a card in the mail. Take 5 minutes and craft a sincere and thoughtful referral for your clients and the best local haunts. It will help position you as a thought leader in your local business community. 


Carmella Consulting how alignable works

Post updates

While we aren’t fans of broadcasting content, there is something to be said for sharing content in a storytelling fashion, especially when it is useful to other business owners. 
If you’re already publishing content in the form of blog posts or case studies, it is a great place to share this content in hopes that it will drive more people to your website. 
Alignable solves many communities needs for a business directory. It is considered one of the most comprehensive business directories now in any town or city and is a great way to foster new relationships. 


Spend a few minutes each morning on Alignable figuring out how to best use the platform for your business. Follow the tips above to maximize your efforts and save time. 

More Information About Alignable – The Small Business Network

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  • Carl says:

    For me, the jury is still out on the usefulness of Alignable. I ignored the early invites I got. Then several active members of my local Chamber of Commerce ( started inviting me. It does feel like yet another social media platform. I found your blog posts when I went looking for more input on the usefulness of Alignable today, after receiving a connection request from the West coast. Hardly “local” in a geographic sense.

    Still, I am just starting up another (small) business with a completely different produce/service, and “local” will be much more national than my current business. Which takes me full circle back to what is the value of Alignable? If the intent really is to focus on “local” business connections, then it feels like it will exclude small businesses that would have a broader geographic reach. Since I am already receiving connection requests from people who are far away, what is the methodology being used to keep the local focus?

    LinkedIn allows me to promote ME, in all of my activities and pursuits. I consider myself an entrepreneur with several disparate business activities which are not that closely related. On Alignable, I need to create and manage multiple logins, one for each of my businesses. Granted, Alignable allows me to delegate aspects of the business listing to my staff and partners in each business, but it can create a confusing set of connections. People who know me personally, and who may be good referral sources to more than one of my businesses could, and should be confused by multiple invites from me representing each business.

    In contrast, LinkedIn more clearly identifies me as ME! You can easily see from my profile that I am actively engaged in multiple businesses.

    So, in my analysis so far, I see Alignable as somewhat monolithic, with a confusing message about what is “local”. I will continue to test the waters with it in the context of one of my businesses which has a more natural geographic boundary, and when invites come in that are more appropriate for different business connections, I may reach out to those people privately, building on the Alignable network, but keeping the relationship separate.

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