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How Technology is Impacting the Digital Marketing Industry

By September 1, 2020Digital Marketing
Technology Digital Marketing

Change is a constant factor in technology. Many people believe that in the future, we’ll have jobs that don’t even exist today. Therefore, we cannot expect that digital marketing will remain the same over the years. Digital marketing itself is a disruptive technology. However, this industry has the potential to evolve through technology. Today, we’ll show you some of the ways that technology is affecting digital marketing.


Technology Digital Marketing



The customer service department is crucial when it comes to running marketing strategies. Therefore, digital marketers usually spend a lot of hours on customer service; by attending calls, replying to messages, or sending emails. However, it is pretty different today. 

Although digital marketing agencies still have people in the customer service department, it’s not that common to see a bunch of marketers doing that activity. Instead, many members of this team have been substituted by chatbots. 

You may be thinking that they won’t be as effective or accurate as humans, but, in fact, they are. They don’t usually have all the answers but chatbots can usually help customers find solutions for basic queries. 

More Personalized Experiences 

What people usually think is that automation means less personalization. However, it’s actually the opposite. Automation means that digital marketers can spend more time on relevant tasks. Therefore, they can create more personalized experiences. 

On the other hand, tech trends like machine learning and sentiment analysis allow marketers to provide users with more customized searches. When you’re browsing through an online store and you notice that you only see items you are interested in, this means you’re using machine learning and sentiment analysis. 

Machine learning also helps marketers with audience segmentation. This way, they can create more personalized campaigns. The best example of this trend is when you receive a message from your favorite store announcing that they’ll offer special discounts to your local community. 

Augmented Reality

If you ever thought that augmented reality was only meant for video games, you may be wrong. Today, several companies such as Amazon Go or IKEA have started to implement AR for marketing purposes. With IKEA’s AR service, you can have a little preview of how your furniture could look like before buying it. This is great because it’s an innovative way to engage customers through technology. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning has made a huge impact on digital marketing, not only because it helps marketers create more customized strategies, but also because it eases the data analysis process. Data science is a vital aspect of digital marketing when it comes to monitoring current strategies and analyzing metrics. However, it tends to be a tedious process if you don’t have any tools to help you. 

Machine learning helps digital marketers identify patterns, errors, and trends through data. This way, they can optimize their strategies and improve their current ones. 

Smart Speakers 

Smart speakers have become part of our daily life. According to recent statistics, one in four American adults owns a smart speaker. Therefore, they could be a great opportunity to use them for digital marketing purposes. 

Companies can sync up their website info with smart speakers so users have a new channel to find their business. It’s as simple as saying: “Alexa, show me the nearest McDonald’s”. Users can find prices, locations, and other meaningful information. 


Although digital marketing is disruptive, there are tech trends that can affect this industry. Some of these trends are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT. The best thing you can do as a digital marketer is to be aware of the latest trends and use them in your favor.

Technology Digital Marketing

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