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Planning the Perfect Holiday Campaign

By November 20, 2019December 14th, 2020Digital Marketing, Social Media Campaign Ideas
Holiday Planning

Running a successful holiday marketing campaign can be a bit finicky. They can either bring in a huge ROI, or they can bring immense disappointment with a very low or non-existent ROI. Planning a successful holiday marketing campaign is all about the initial planning, and much less about what you do during the campaign. The best holiday marketing involves a great amount of preparing and planning, no matter which holiday you are marketing for.

Being prepared for your holiday campaign means you need to plan and strategize, measure and adjust, and ensure you make full use of all the tools at your disposal. The key is to prepare early, keep an eye on industry trends, and identify, captivate, and nurture your target audience with emotional, authentic, personalized content. Maintaining a rapport with your target audience will keep your brand top of mind when it comes to the holiday season. 

Some brands are very successful with their holiday advertising campaigns and others not so much. It is suggested that you look at your competitors holiday marketing from previous years, and decrypt which campaigns were successful and which were not.  

If you want to run a successful holiday campaign, but aren’t sure you will have the capacity when the time comes or even beforehand, let us do all the hard work so your company can reap the benefits!

If you still want to continue with planning your own holiday campaign, you have two options. You can continue reading and try to sort everything out on your own, or you can attend our next Social Media Mastery classes in Canmore and Calgary

Alright, so you would like to detail your own holiday campaign. We get it! But we hope you’re ready to put in the work. 

Generally, when researching successful content, it is best to look at your competitors within your industry both indirect and direct, as well as those within your region and overseas. The good news? You should already have a good handle on the details of your marketing persona, so be sure to keep them in mind when looking for content to help you with your marketing campaign.

Next, it is best to be sure that all content is based on your campaign pillars, marketing personas, and holiday theme. Remember, you’re going to be posting a lot of content, sometimes up to 6-7 days per week. Sustainable and recyclable content creation is crucial to keeping momentum so be sure to find a good source of inspiration that can keep you dreaming up ideas until the campaign is complete. The most important thing to remember here is to not be lazy, and to use content that is engaging and captivating for your audience, or your campaign won’t get off the ground. 

Like we mentioned before, any holiday campaign which brings in successful results and an ROI you can be proud of takes ample planning. It is crucial that you prepare the entire campaign beforehand, otherwise you will find yourself driving a campaign that has no wheels.

  • Prepare your initial plan
  • Set team roles and processes
  • Define your audience
  • Define your personas
  • Create content buckets
  • Create targeted content 
  • Plan your content calendar with publishing times
  • Optimize (SEO) your website landing page 
  • Use paid social media to strategically boost carefully selected posts
  • Utilize influencers and leverage their audience
  • Track, measure and analyze all available data for helpful insights
  • Monitor audience engagement
  • A/B test everything and modify strategy as necessary

The holiday season is almost upon us, and if you haven’t already begun planning your ultimate holiday campaign, don’t fret! We have two upcoming Social Media Mastery classes to help you get the most out of your holiday campaign. 



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