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Behind the Scenes at Carmella

By September 4, 2019Case Studies

Hi there! My name is Mackenzie Beeman, and I worked as a summer student with the Carmella Crew. The Crew didn’t know when they asked me to write a blog that I would surprise them with this… so here’s what I learned from the Carmella Crew this summer! 

Recently, Steff asked me what I’ve learned working at Carmella and I rambled off a few things to her that really stuck out, but as that question sat in my head, the list continued to grow. I realized just how much I have learned from each and every one of the girls I worked with at Carmella! 

Let’s start from the beginning. 

I returned home to Canmore in June from my first year of University and after a bit of travels as summer set in, my job hunt began. I frantically looked for a job of any kind with no specific idea in mind. When I saw the job title ‘Summer Student Social Media Manager’ and read the job description, I thought to myself, that’s way too good to be true and continued to scroll through Indeed. A few days later, it began to eat at me that this amazing job opportunity was out there in my hometown, so I decided to apply. 

I heard back soon after and was scheduled for an interview with Stephanie O’Brien. That feeling of ‘too good to be true’ continued! 

When I first stepped into the Carmella office, I was instantly intrigued by both the work space and the girls. They were just finishing up a Facebook Live video and I thought to myself, wow this is awesome. I could tell right away that Steff was determined to find the right person to work under the Carmella name. 

My meeting with Steff was better than I ever could have imagined! We bonded about Alpine Skiing, our lovely mountain town, and the passion we share for the outdoors. 

Now, I am going to go into detail about what exactly I learned from everyone. 



Right away I was welcomed to the team by Steff with her warmth and determination. Steff has demonstrated exactly what it takes to run a successful business through her sheer determination, impressive work ethic, and unwavering confidence. I remember what surprised me right off the bat was the amount of trust she put into me and my work pretty much instantly. I quickly realized that that’s just how Steff is. She trusts her team and is confident in our abilities to produce great work. Steff’s personality and passion taught me a lot. I could always tell that Steff was consistently living in the moment because she puts everything she has into what she is doing in that moment. Whether that be a phone meeting with a new client, analytics, or her after-work bike ride. No matter what, she is giving everything 110%. Speaking of after-work bike rides… Steff’s work/ life balance is both impressive and inspiring! 

I also would like to give a special mention to the two girls behind it all, Carmen and Bella. Every time the girls would come into the office, I knew the contagious laughs and smiles that were about to follow and spread throughout the office. These two girls are kind, funny, and a great reminder to work hard for our name, Carmella!



Alie is kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. Even at the simplest times like when Alie was on a call with a client, I was always so impressed with how she presented herself and how she spoke to clients. She speaks to everyone with kindness, empathy, and compassion, whether you’re her best friend or a total stranger. I learned a lot from Alie and found her very inspiring to be around because of her poise, organization, and problem solving skills. Also, something else I cherish about Alie, is that she was always looking out for me and checking in on my workload. She is extremely selfless and always mindful of how the people around her are feeling. Anyone would be lucky to have Alie in their life. 



Starting on my first day, Hayley was who I turned to for help, and she never hesitated to go out of her way to teach me a photoshop trick or help me learn a new program. During my first week, I was lucky enough to go on a photoshoot with Hayley for one of our clients. Hayley once again went out of her way to explain her process and teach me the tips and tricks of photographing people, objects, and indoor spaces. Hayley is kind, patient, and extremely talented. Her design work and photographs always blew me away, but Hayley is always so modest about her work. What I learned from Hayley is to love what you do and work hard at it. Also, her modesty and light-heartedness were always very inspiring to me and she never failed to make everyone in the office laugh. 



Jackie is passionate and determined about her work and what she creates. Her professional drive is a vital asset to Carmella because Jackie will always get the job done and produce impressive work. It didn’t take long for me to realize how crucial Jackie is to the group. Every team needs a person who is not afraid to be straight up with you and provide you with constructive feedback, which is why I learned so much from Jackie. I was also fortunate enough to attend a client photoshoot with her, and I gained a new perspective from the way in which she interacts with people and takes charge as the photographer. 

Each and every one of you are what make Carmella, Carmella! You are all so unique from one another in your skill-sets and personalities, and this is what makes the wheels turn at Carmella. Thank you for this opportunity, and it was truly a pleasure to work alongside all of you amazing individuals.

If you’re looking for a team of hardworking, passionate, and determined individuals, I encourage you to put the Carmella team to work for you. The quality of their work is truly exceptional, and you will not be disappointed!

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