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Would your business benefit from Instagram shoppable posts?

By August 14, 2018July 14th, 2019Instagram Resources
Instagram shoppable posts

Instagram is rolling out new features every week and it is hard to keep up, we get it! One feature we really enjoy as a digital marketing company, as well as a consumer, is the shoppable Instagram post function.

Consumer: Imagine you’re browsing through your Instagram feed, when you suddenly come across the pair of shoes that you’ve been looking to buy for a while now.

Before shoppable Instagram posts, you would have needed to find the name of the company who sells those shoes, search for the company on Google, and then search their site for the exact same pair of shoes you saw on your feed. 

That’s a lot of investigative work just to buy a pair of shoes, and you as the consumer might not want to go that extra mile. Instead, Instagram has drastically changed this situation and made the path to purchase more user-friendly. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your impulsiveness to online shop. 😜


Shoppable posts


E-commerce business: With over 1 Billion Instagram daily users, shoppable Instagram posts reduce the distance between the point-of-discovery to the point-of-purchase, making it much easier for people to buy directly from their Instagram feeds. This way, business’ won’t lose their customers in the investigative process, and instead may bring the customer right from Instagram to the product purchase page on their e-commerce website. Consumers love the easy route, so give it to them with shoppable Instagram posts!

Prior to the Instagram shoppable posts rollout, users had only two options for sending direct traffic from Instagram: the link in your bio &clickable Instagram stories. We don’t know about you, but we are LOVING this new feature. It actually makes Instagram more fun! From your favourite artists to brands, you can shop while scrolling your feed; it’s a win-win for both the consumer and e-commerce businesses!


How to Get Started with Instagram Shoppable Posts


1. You need an Instagram Business account

2. Must be on the latest version of the Instagram App

3. Your business must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.

4. Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog. This can be created and managed on Business Manager, directly on your business’s Page on Facebook, or through Shopify or BigCommerce.

For an in-depth description on how to set-up your shoppable pins, check out Later’s blog: How to make Money with Instagram Shoppable Posts

If you need help setting up your IG shoppable posts, send us a message!


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